Creamy Pesto Pasta with Pancetta  

If you check out the recipes here on Bumbles of Rice you may notice that there are a few themes. One major thing about food in this house, is that as a rule, it’s quick. Hopefully tasty too, but quick wins here. The second key characteristic of a Bumbles of Rice winner dinner is that it’s family friendly. When I say “family friendly” what I mean is that the kids won’t tantrum before eating it (well, not the first time anyway). Sometimes, this requires, um, modifications to get the food eaten (no spinach in mine please) but we make it work.

You may have noticed my gazillion tweets and facebook statuses mentioning the first ever Irish Parenting Blog Awards lately. Well in a fortuitous partnership the main sponsors of the awards is Glenisk. Yes, the yogurt people. The goooood yogurt, organic and Irish. I had a serious addiction to the blueberry one on each of my pregnancies yet, unlike other foods that I craved when pregnant and can no longer look at it still lives happily in my fridge, between  the Go-Yos and the kid-sized yogurts (strawberry flavour).

ANYWAY, Glenisk are running a competition for bloggers to enter a family friendly recipe using their products and they sent me some vouchers to buy lots (and I mean lots and lots) of Glenisk goodness and to come up with a recipe. Here’s my entry, hope you like it.


Recipe: Creamy Pesto Pasta with Pancetta  125g pancetta cubes

2 large tablespoons pesto (we used shop-bought green pesto)

100g Glenisk creme fraiche

Half a courgette

Juice of half a lemon (ok, i admit it I forgot to add this at the end) 6 cherry tomatoes (quartered)  Basil to garnish

300g pasta (approx)

 First, fry the pancetta, if you use a non-stick pan you won’t need oil. 

If you have help it may take longer.


Put your pasta on to cook.

Assemble your ingredients. Don’t forget the lemon 😉


After about 3 minutes frying the pancetta grate the courgette onto the pan and stir (or get help to stir).


Put the pesto in a small bowl with the creme fraiche.


And get help stirring them well together 


But you should probably supervise closely


When the pasta is cooked add the ingredients from the pan and stir well, then add the pesto mix and stir again before serving with the pasta, and garnish the grown up’s portions with basil.

She likes it…


This is the grown up’s version 

Thumbs up from this discerning diner too

This blogpost is my entry for a competition run by Glenisk in association with the Irish Parenting Blog Awards. I received a voucher pack for some free Glenisk products but was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own, and my kids’. 


5 thoughts on “Creamy Pesto Pasta with Pancetta  

  1. Yum! We make something like this with chicken, courgette, mushrooms and garlic – I’m thinking I have to try the pancetta version now. And of course, the very important lemon 🙂

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