About Bumbles of Rice

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I’m Sinéad, I’ve been blogging here on Bumbles of Rice since June 2012. I’m a mum of three, two boys (aged 8 and 6) and a girl (aged  3), and I live in  Co. Wexford, Ireland. I’m a working mum, I  spend my time commuting, cooking, wiping noses, mopping up spills and ‘adventuring’. Then, when they’re all asleep I write about it here.

Bumbles of Rice started out as a food blog but it’s evolved now to include  posts about everyday life with kidsthings that annoy me, daytrips, things I love, serious parenting topics and reviews as well as sharing some advice that I’ve learned along the way.

I love to cook and am slightly (very) food obsessed. Since I work and commute time is scarce so I try to fill my freezer with good homemade food for dinners and  home-baked treats for the kids’ lunchboxes, if they last that long. My food philosophy (or maybe philosophy sounds fairly high-faluting) goes something like this:

I LOVE FOOD. I think about it nearly all the time and cannot understand the “food is fuel” believers. I love to eat out and get great joy out of a good meal and service to match. I love to cook but nothing too complicated, I’m a homecook, I cook to feed my young family. I have no formal training and my knife skills leave a lot to be desired. I shop in regular supermarkets and love a fancy treat but don’t spend all my time in gourmet shops. I love to try new recipes but rarely invent them myself. I am evangelical about not using jars when from scratch is easier but have (many) guilty pleasures. I share tips and recipes  in my food category.



And Travel


I really love to travel. Back in the olden days pre-kids it was all about the mini-break and the exotic adventure holidays, these days it’s all about the kids. We enjoy exploring new (buggy friendly if possible) places with the kids, the more “explorey” the better (for recent daytrips you could read this or this . We bring a picnic, collect sticks, jump in puddles and get some fresh air into our lungs while wearing the kids out. Win win. I also blog about holidays in Ireland  (like here) and abroad (like here).

What’s in a name ?

You can learn where the blog name came from here.

Freelance Writing

Indo bittersweet return instagram image

If you’d like me to write for you or your publication, or to be on your radio or TV show please do email me – bumblesofrice@gmail.com or contact me on twitter or facebook. You can see the type of work I’ve done in the past on radio and TV and in the press here.

Reviews and Sponsored Posts

I regularly review and give away products on the blog. My reviews get strong engagement, with the majority of my readers being women aged 30-45 who are parents.  All reviews are disclosed and are my honest opinion. If I receive goods, services or payment for a post I always disclose this to my readers in the post.

I’ve collaborated with lots of  brands including Netflix, Asda, Fisher Price, Gill Books, O’Brien Press, and many, many more.

If you’d like me to review your product or if you wish to place a sponsored post on Bumbles of Rice drop me an email to bumblesofrice@gmail.com and I’ll let you know my rates. Receipt of unsolicited goods doesn’t mean that I will review them, but if I really like them I might give them a shout out. My decision is final on what I choose to feature. I write my own content.

Legal Stuff

Unless otherwise credited, all images on http://www.bumblesofrice.com are owned by Sinéad Fox and may not be reproduced without my express permission. You must not reproduce any articles on BumblesofRice.com without my express permission. Retweets and shares of my original piece on social media are welcome and once credited don’t require consent.

Bumbles of Rice is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk.



5 thoughts on “About Bumbles of Rice

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