Broken Sleep, Broken Promise

There wasn't much sleep had in our house last night. My three-and-a-half year old seems to have reverted to the sleeping habits of a newborn and was let's say "wakeful" for many hours during the night. What started out as reassuring hugs degenerated into abrupt shouts to "get back into bed right now!" over the … Continue reading Broken Sleep, Broken Promise


Seven Toys That Kids Love to Play With

It's all very well reading toy recommendations from people who received press releases, but really kids are the best judges of what toys kids like. I often think that my crew are blind to their own toys as they're shoved into IKEA Trofast boxes in one end of the sunroom, but when we have visitors all … Continue reading Seven Toys That Kids Love to Play With

Let Them All Like Pink and Princesses. Even The Girls.

  Last year, I wrote about how my smaller boy loves pink and bemoaned the lack of sparkly things for boys, and delighted that he was confident enough to ask for what he wanted despite waitresses or people in shops suggesting that surely he didn't want the PINK one. He's moved away from pink now, … Continue reading Let Them All Like Pink and Princesses. Even The Girls.

The Bright Side of Cranky Evening Time

I wrote this last week, I couldn't publish it then as it was too raw! On Tuesdays I usually work from home so I get to collect the kids early and give them dinner which I prepped at lunchtime.  I suppose I could take that glorious extra hour that I don't spend commuting taking some … Continue reading The Bright Side of Cranky Evening Time

A Sunny Moment

We'd a playdate planned today, venue TBC, and as soon as it was evident that the sun was shining my friend optimistically suggested that we go to the beach. We extended the invitation to more friends and planned our picnics. I packed the beach bag (OK three bags) including hoodies, suncream and lots and lots … Continue reading A Sunny Moment

An Unplanned Sunday Evening Drive

We drove in convoy, a boy each, the girl with me. I kept cheerful but my mind wandered. The boy asked me questions about words he found in the book he was reading. "What's subsisdence Mam ?" I answered, distracted, checking his sister in the rear view mirror. I tried to focus on the road, … Continue reading An Unplanned Sunday Evening Drive

Mischievious and Messy but OK.

There are days when she's angelic. Then there are days when nothing is the way she decrees it should be, and she makes her annoyance known, loudly and clearly. "This dress", "no, this boots", "no, my clips" "I do" "'nother coat" she said yesterday morning. We went for lunch, she spilled all the soup, everywhere. … Continue reading Mischievious and Messy but OK.