Bumbles Family Travels: Tayto Park

We went on our first ever trip to Tayto Park last week. The kids had it on their list of places to go last summer and again this year, but between one thing and another we didn't get there, so we surprised them with a trip on Sunday morning. I had been slightly reluctant on a … Continue reading Bumbles Family Travels: Tayto Park

She is Three

She is three now, my littlest. She turned three on Saturday. She's certainly not a baby of course, she's just my last born child. She's not my baby, she's a big girl she reminds me. She has her knickers, and big girls have knickers not nappies. She won't wear a bib as it's not a big girl … Continue reading She is Three

The Toys that really got played with last Christmas

Last Christmas our house was invaded by so many toys, since they had been so good Santa delivered a large load, our kids have generous grandparents and lots of aunties and uncles as well and everyone knew that  small noses would be turned up at practical gifts so we had a toy flood. With so … Continue reading The Toys that really got played with last Christmas

A Tantrum Hero and some Lessons Learned

This morning I told a friend that I thought my three year old had really turned a corner, that he had more of a handle on his emotions and that he had gone almost a week without throwing a tantrum. I was delighted that he had matured so much, even smug you might say. I … Continue reading A Tantrum Hero and some Lessons Learned

Tantrums: Two tales and a little advice to onlookers

"It's hard having tantrums" a wise two year old consoled my three year old lately, when he was mid tantrum. "Yeah" he sobbed and nodded in agreement, tears rolling down his cheeks.  And I realised that she was speaking more sense than most adults when confronted with a tantrumming child. Tantrums are hard. They're hard … Continue reading Tantrums: Two tales and a little advice to onlookers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

I've already done posts on gifts for Baby and for Toddlers so here's the next in the series, for preschoolers (3 and 4 year olds). Here are my disclaimers first: Obviously different kids have different interests, some hate colouring, others have no love of board games. I haven't mentioned any "character" toys here, the shops … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschoolers