One Pot Chicken and Rice Pilaff 

"One pot wonder" is how the Lidl webpage sells this recipe, but it should come with a cautionary note that it's only a one pot wonder if you own the right pot. Luckily, I do. I've made this dish a few times and it always goes down well, mostly because there are no evident vegetables, … Continue reading One Pot Chicken and Rice Pilaff 

A Mumble about Bumbles

Wondering where the name for the blog came from? Here's a mumble about the bumbles. "Is it Chinese night?" In August last year I went back to work with a five-day working week and a long commute. In those early weeks, when we were finding our feet and gradually filling the freezer, Friday night became … Continue reading A Mumble about Bumbles

Veggie & Rice Sandcastles

My threenahalf year old loves watching cookery programmes on TV, especially the kiddie aimed ones. He has a great memory and tends to recite the recipes to me, or advise in the supermarket that we should buy different things to make his recipe from TV.  His latest query was whether we have turmeric, and on … Continue reading Veggie & Rice Sandcastles