Mincemeat and Custard Parcels 

I love pastry. I've loved custard even longer. Mince pies took a while to grow on me, but I'm a fan for about a decade. Add the three together in the easiest Christmas dessert ever and you've got a winner. I made these last year as part of the Craft Advent series on Where Wishes … Continue reading Mincemeat and Custard Parcels 

Double Chocolate Mug Cake- made in a minute 

   I've seen a few mug cakes being shared on facebook over the last few months but bm ever really took them seriously. Then tonight I got home to cranky kids and my husband was heading out for the evening. I needed cake, but not to have to wash up. That was when I had … Continue reading Double Chocolate Mug Cake- made in a minute 

Quick and Tasty: Courgette Carbonara

This is a very regular feature on our dinner landscape, it's tasty, it's eaten by the whole family (including babygirl now too) and it's on the table in under 15 minutes. If the kids are hovering I employ them in grating the courgette and mixing the parmesan and egg together. You might read the recipe … Continue reading Quick and Tasty: Courgette Carbonara

Quick Fix: Pesto Pizza Slices

I'm always looking for quick and easy lunches, but it's hard to get the three year old to diversify from a ham sandwich or ham wrap. He know what he likes and sticks with it. The boys are big pesto fans, their absolute favourite dinner is "pasta pesto", and I encourage it as it's so … Continue reading Quick Fix: Pesto Pizza Slices

Quick Tomato Soup

Happy New Year, hope the resolutions are still intact and that you're ready to give 2014 your all. To start the blog rolling this year I'm sharing a very quick and easy tomato soup recipe, made using tinned tomatoes. The resident three year old refuses to eat any vegetables, yet this is his favourite lunch, … Continue reading Quick Tomato Soup

15 Minutes of Fame and a 15 Minute Recipe for Greek Chicken and Couscous

It's apt that I'm posting a "15 minute meal" just after we've had our 15 minutes of fame, appearing an article in the Irish Times Health Supplement about cooking with kids. If you've managed to avoid my publicity of the article til now, you might like to check it out here. I really enjoyed participating … Continue reading 15 Minutes of Fame and a 15 Minute Recipe for Greek Chicken and Couscous

A Meal in Minutes: Quick Quesadillas

If you love authentic mexican food you should look away now, or better still check out Lily's blog.  Right, for those of you who are still here and enjoy a tasty light meal that's on the table in minutes read on. Today I had a lovely lunch with Julie, who has recently started a very popular … Continue reading A Meal in Minutes: Quick Quesadillas