She is Three

She is three now, my littlest. She turned three on Saturday. She's certainly not a baby of course, she's just my last born child. She's not my baby, she's a big girl she reminds me. She has her knickers, and big girls have knickers not nappies. She won't wear a bib as it's not a big girl … Continue reading She is Three


Let Them All Like Pink and Princesses. Even The Girls.

  Last year, I wrote about how my smaller boy loves pink and bemoaned the lack of sparkly things for boys, and delighted that he was confident enough to ask for what he wanted despite waitresses or people in shops suggesting that surely he didn't want the PINK one. He's moved away from pink now, … Continue reading Let Them All Like Pink and Princesses. Even The Girls.

This Girl, My Girl.

This Girl, My Girl.  Chubby legs clad in bright tights, so strong as she climbs for a better view. Always wanting in on the action. Suggesting we make soup. Helping every step of the way, chopping, stirring, eating. Demanding her turn and her portion. This girl wants to help all the time. Even when it’s … Continue reading This Girl, My Girl.

My Favourite (baby) Age of All

Our small girl has just turned nine months old, three whole quarters of a year. At nine months, she's now lived in the real world for as long as I carried her. We can't remember a time before she arrived, before the pink descended and colonised, before the talks of "my sister" and the goodnight … Continue reading My Favourite (baby) Age of All

Bumbles of Rice looks back on 2013

Looks like we made it to the other side. We had a food and fun filled Christmas and Santa delivered, I hope yours went well too. So here we are, in the limbo week between Christmas and New Year, the time to eat leftovers and talk about how full you are, plan diets, watch movies, … Continue reading Bumbles of Rice looks back on 2013