A Week in Dinners – November 2016

Week in Dinners is sort of the opposite of Meal Planning. You see, I've never been great at planning in advance for dinners,  as I either change my mind or I get delayed in work or traffic and I change what I had planned as time is too short, or my plans were over ambitious. … Continue reading A Week in Dinners – November 2016


12 Tips to Make Weekday Dinners Easier

Weekdays are the hectic ones, with the whirlwind of school, work, commute and  activities it can prove challenging to get your kids eating good healthy meals every day. Here are some of my tips to relieve the stress of figuring out what's for dinner and getting it on the table before the kids turn (even … Continue reading 12 Tips to Make Weekday Dinners Easier

A Week in Dinners #3 2016

Week Three, still cooking, still eating. Here's this week's exciting as always week in dinners.   Monday Monday night is quick dinner night. We had meatballs which I cooked on Sunday night with homemade tomato sauce from the freezer and wholewheat pasta. Every ate all they were given.   Tuesday Tuesday is my work from … Continue reading A Week in Dinners #3 2016

A Week in Dinners #6 *junkfood alert*

I've shared our real life family dinners quite a few times now starting all the way back in October and then sporadically when I felt like it, or as an easy way to create blog content. Since I'm driving the honesty agenda a lot at the moment (had you noticed?) I thought I'd share last … Continue reading A Week in Dinners #6 *junkfood alert*

Another Week in Dinners

I got lots of interaction from last week's post on dinners so I decided to note what we ate this week to share our everyday dinner ideas. Again, nothing pretty, nothing planned way in advance and nothing fancy. Just real life what turned up on my plate dinners. Monday Chickpea and Courgette Red Curry with … Continue reading Another Week in Dinners

A Mumble on Dinners and Batchcooking Tips

My Mammy is a great woman for dinners. She reared us all on good homecooked food and whatever the day's events when we were small one thing was sure, there would always be a hot dinner in the evening, no matter what. Mam didn't work outside the home when I was younger, the six of … Continue reading A Mumble on Dinners and Batchcooking Tips