Mincemeat and Custard Parcels 

I love pastry. I've loved custard even longer. Mince pies took a while to grow on me, but I'm a fan for about a decade. Add the three together in the easiest Christmas dessert ever and you've got a winner. I made these last year as part of the Craft Advent series on Where Wishes … Continue reading Mincemeat and Custard Parcels 


21 Dinners (most of) My Kids Will (usually) Eat

Every now and then we have a dinnertable crisis in our house. When I say we, I mean I. I get fed up of cooking what feels like the same five dishes over and over again, and I get frustrated when I cook something different and then the kids won't even try it, especially if … Continue reading 21 Dinners (most of) My Kids Will (usually) Eat

Quick and Tasty: Courgette Carbonara

This is a very regular feature on our dinner landscape, it's tasty, it's eaten by the whole family (including babygirl now too) and it's on the table in under 15 minutes. If the kids are hovering I employ them in grating the courgette and mixing the parmesan and egg together. You might read the recipe … Continue reading Quick and Tasty: Courgette Carbonara

Quick Fix: Pesto Pizza Slices

I'm always looking for quick and easy lunches, but it's hard to get the three year old to diversify from a ham sandwich or ham wrap. He know what he likes and sticks with it. The boys are big pesto fans, their absolute favourite dinner is "pasta pesto", and I encourage it as it's so … Continue reading Quick Fix: Pesto Pizza Slices

Pesto Chicken and Vegetable Traybake

Regular readers will know that I am all about easy recipes, especially those that involve as little washing up as possible. (Aha, cookbook idea "Bumbles of Recipes that don't involve much washing up", must remember that one, if you're a cookbook publishing person feel free to contact me!).   I love a roast dinner but … Continue reading Pesto Chicken and Vegetable Traybake