Banana Muffins

Those dotty bananas, the lunchbox rejects that children in this house turn their noses up at.  They look at you (me) accusingly from the fruitbowl demanding to be used.   Mostly, I pop them in the freezer for later (just in their skins) and turn them into Brown Sugar Banana Bread  or if we've visitors … Continue reading Banana Muffins

Donal Skehan’s Lemon Slices

It's lovely to have something home baked if you have callers for a cuppa. Even better if it's easy to make and hit with everyone, sure we hate having waste, better to see the crumbs on the plate. In my fantasy world I have freshly baked things for every caller, but to be honest we … Continue reading Donal Skehan’s Lemon Slices


Flapjacks I do like flapjacks, they feel healthier than biscuits thanks to all those "good for you" "bursting with energy" oats and that means there's no mammyguilt about putting them in lunchboxes.  I've tried loads of different recipes and a lot are hit and miss, too crumbly, too crunchy, too sweet, too "fall aparty" but … Continue reading Flapjacks

Quick Dinner: Spaghetti with Pancetta, Tomato and Basil

Sometimes you just need dinner in a hurry, so here's a quick and tasty pasta dish enjoyed by all around our table. Pancetta is one of my favourite quick dinner ingredients as it's full of flavour, cooks quickly, doesn't require chopping and keeps in the fridge for a few weeks.  It's in most supermarkets, but … Continue reading Quick Dinner: Spaghetti with Pancetta, Tomato and Basil

Sweetcorn Pancakes

The cutting I have of this recipe calls them "Sweetcorn Fritters" so I guess that's what they are, but in our house we call them what we think they are, which is Sweetcorn Pancakes.  To me fritters are what you get the Chinese restaurant, deep fried fruit in batter, and they're hard to explain to … Continue reading Sweetcorn Pancakes