Are you ready for Dinovember?

Last November we copied the internet started a new tradition in our house. Our toy dinosaurs came to life every night and got up to a lot of mischief every night for the whole month. Read all about our very creative dino-inspirations HERE. I admit there were many nights where we considered giving the dinosaurs a … Continue reading Are you ready for Dinovember?

A Spiderman Party for a Five Year Old Superhero

We've had two birthday parties in this house (Yes, actually in this house, our attempts to outsource either one this year were met with derision) in the last two weeks. There have been many, many small boys and girls running and bouncing around the place (and off the walls). I won't do the usual thing … Continue reading A Spiderman Party for a Five Year Old Superhero

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: Our First Dinovember

Last November I saw posts on Facebook talking about "Dinovember" so I clicked and googled and having checked out this site I vowed to make Dinovember happen in our house this year. My husband and I agreed that it would be a bit of fun. Then we completely forgot til late on Halloween night, yes, … Continue reading What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: Our First Dinovember

Giving “messy play” a go

When I first heard people talking about "messy play" I had a little chuckle. Not at the idea of messy play, but at the idea of play that was anything other than messy! But messy in this context means more than just untidy it seems, it's slippery and slimy and wet and sticky. The experts … Continue reading Giving “messy play” a go

Playtime: an Icy Rescue Mission

I follow Happy Hooligans on Facebook and I'm forever saving cool activities that they do. I loved the look of this one - Ice Age Bin so a couple of weeks ago when the sun was shining brightly I filled a plastic box about the size of a shoebox with water, threw in some items … Continue reading Playtime: an Icy Rescue Mission

Rainy Day Activity: Cheat’s Art project

The boys love "getting creative" (honestly, they actually say that!) but the mess can get too much for me. It's not every day that I can face glue and glitter. If this is how you feel too read on for a way to keep everyone happy! We picked up these foam stickers in Tesco a … Continue reading Rainy Day Activity: Cheat’s Art project