What's Everyone Eating? Introducing The Dinner Files

Readers will know that I have a bit of an obsession with dinner.

I believe that a “good dinner” sets you up and is a good indicator of how well you’re eating (nobody needs to know about the Toblerone and wine an hour later OK?) or how well you’re minding yourself (No Dinner? This Irish mammy does not approve).

I use it as my barometer of whether I am nourishing my kids enough but I know about balance. Cereal for dinner is a thing. Beige Food happens. So do takeaways and frozen pizzas.

My life involves a lot of cooking, a lot of freezer filling and many quick fixes.

I’m often asked “How I do it” and I’m curious how others do too. So, rather than dislocating my shoulder staring into people’s trollies in the supermarket I thought why don’t I just ask them. So I did.

With this in mind and on the back of my Week in Dinners series I’m launching a new series tomorrow where real life people tell me about their dinners. The stuff you want to know.  Where they eat them, what they eat, what’s it really like in their house at dinnertime, what’s their favourite junk food meal, do their kids actually eat?

I’ve a few great interviews lined up for the coming weeks and I’m really excited to share them here.

If you’d like to take part do email me (bumblesofrice@gmail.com) and I’ll send you on the questionnaire. You don’t need to have a blog, or be a celebrity. This series will document and celebrate real people and their real life dinners.

And to be sure that you don’t miss the series you can follow it over on Facebook too or sign up to receive emails for new blogposts on the right sidebar.



3 thoughts on “What's Everyone Eating? Introducing The Dinner Files

  1. Great idea, am currently feeling disheartened with cooking for my kids!

    I made a really tasty ham, mash, cabbage with parsley white sauce on Saturday, not a bite was eaten by my two darlings. The idea was to have decent ham for the sandwiches during the week! Then, this evening I made a creamy chicken and ham with leeks pie topped with mash. Not a mouthful passed their lips. 🙁 All the youngest wanted was a banana. 😒

    1. Nobody likes new things, it takes ages to get anything approved here. Mine would’t touch cabbage or parsley sauve and the pie probably wouldn’t pass them either. Enjoy the nice stuff yourself and give them wathever they will eat. Did you see my Fussy Eaters post last week? You might get some solace from it!

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