Goodbye to a decade 

I’m sitting on the couch, on a wet Friday night, wrapped in a blanket, sipping a gin and tonic.

My husband is upstairs – wrestling with wrapping paper I hope.

We’ve a playlist to agree, another drink to have and then my thirties will be over.

They started in Venice, at 30 I was all about the travel back then and determined to be out of the country for my birthday. 

We moved to Gorey and I started a new job the same year, newlyweds setting up home, full of anticipation.

With just the two of us we worked hard and when we weren’t working we travelled, to South East Asia, Barcelona, Jordan and Egypt.

Babies followed, our Cubs.

The rest of the years slid past, babies, redundancy, work. New experiences with the kids. Tiredness. A new type of happiness. Starting blogging, getting published, making new friends.

My thirties have been good to me. Busy years, tired years, happy years. Sure, there were bumps along the road, but the overwhelming feeling looking back over the decade is happy memories of times spent with family and friends.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up when a child sits on my head or tugs at my arm. No alarms.   Great planning having a weekend birthday.

It probably won’t feel any different than last Saturday or the one before that. But it’ll be a whole new decade. A fresh page to start. 

I’m excited.

Bring it on!

19 thoughts on “Goodbye to a decade 

  1. Happy birthday, dear cousin! Hitting the big 40 is not too bad! I’ve had 8 months of it so far and still going strong!! Hope you get spoiled rotten, see you in a few weeks.
    Love your blogs!

  2. Lovely recap of your thirties. I wish you an even more wonderful collection of memories by the time you are posting the finale of your next decade. Enjoy all the celebrations and have fun.

  3. Oh that was lovely – I really enjoyed reading it. Happy birthday in twenty-five minutes time and here’s to the next decade being every bit as gorgeous.

  4. To one of the most wonderful nieces, whom I have fond memories of I just want to wish you a lovely birthday and a future filled with love always.

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