Driving Tips with Chill.ie

It’s no secret that I drive a lot. My whinges tales about commuting are legendary. OK, legendary is pushing it, but they’re often told. I’ve been interviewed in national newspapers about it, I even drove to work with a film crew one day to let them experience the commute. (Missed that? Check out the footage here if you missed it. In fact I reckon if you google “Irish commuter” my image will appear pretty high up on the list!

Since I do my 75km-each-way commute in all weathers I have to be ready for whatever the gods throw at us.

In Ireland, in any one given day this can mean owning sunglasses, working wipers and an ice-scraper! I’ve learned how to pass the time and ensure I always have snacks in case of delays too.

I’m driving 0ver twenty years now and I’ve picked up tricks along the way to make the commute easier so when Chill insurance asked me to contribute to the e-book they’re preparing on driving tips I was happy to send them my advice.

Check out my contribution below and look out for the ebook. I’m hoping to get more tips for the icy roads, I just try to avoid driving on them at all which isn’t exactly practical!


image courtesy of Chill Insurance

*This post is sponsored by Chill Insurance

4 thoughts on “Driving Tips with Chill.ie

  1. I recently changed my car insurance to Chill.ie and they were very good to me. An e-book sounds great and no better driver to contribute The amount of driving you have done, no doubt in all weathers. Great tip.

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