A Happy Day

We are all at high doh. Bursting with excitement.

We’ve a big occasion today.

It’s something that hasn’t happened in our family in ten years.
We’ve been planning our outfits, our kid-keeping-occupied activities and our route.
The boys have been quizzing us complaining that mass is boring and can we not just do the party part?

Cathal has invented a new dance for the occasion and Ciaran is threatening to perform Wagon Wheel.

He’s been practising a lot (way too many) jokes and I suspect he’ll be disappointed not to get to perform them in the church where he has a captive audience.
Laoise keeps talking about her “pwetty dress for da weddin” and says Granny has a “pwetty dress” too.

I spent the week mostly trying to decide what shade to get my nails painted and what the kids would wear.

This isn’t the important stuff though. The big thing is this:

We’re getting a new family member. Two in fact.

My brother is getting married today and we all couldn’t be happier for him.

To my brother, congratulations, we are all so happy that you’ve found your perfect match are so happy. 

To his beautiful wife to be, and his infinitely cool stepson to be, welcome to our family. We’re happy to have ye.

And as the saying goes, the crazy isn’t catching. 

Or here’s hoping 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Happy Day

  1. We’ve yet to enter the time of life when our kids and our friends’ kids start marrying off. I hope we enjoy it when it comes as much as your family is going to enjoy this wedding!

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