19 thoughts on “WaajjnmmaijjjuBbbabZanjjjjjjiiijjjuujjhiuuuuu

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    Sometimes parents go upstairs and kids get their phones and posts like this post happen. Then the automatic notifications that parents set up start going and suddenly the parent is getting phonecalls, texts, whatsapps and private messages telling them. But the phone is now upstairs and the kids are going to bed. So while the bedtime circus is going on people start clicking in and reading and the little bit of gibberish from the two-year-old who was looking for the “‘jago game” that her brothers so love becomes a little part of history.

    So in the same way that the scribbles on the wall are there, I’ve decided not to delete Laoise’s first foray into internet publishing. I’m leaving it here, to remind me to figure out how to disable the WordPress app on my phone, or not to leave it in her reach even for a minute and to remind me that little things like this happen all the time, and rather than just erasing them we can take a minute to laugh about them and then move on. Maybe she did me a favour, I got a blogpost out of it at least! Happy Friday, it’s surely wine o’clock?

      1. Ha ha! I thought I’d gotten stung once when my two year old ran ahead of me into Starbucks and ordered himself a muffin before I was even in the door. Luckily the nice lady gave it to him for free because he had no money. When i tried to pay she wouldn’t hear of it. No virtual purchases by the kids yet (thank God!).

      2. My eldest when he was that age used to fling himself at cupcakes and stick his fingers in them so that I’d HAVE to buy them. They are divils.

  2. Laoise always makes perfect sense to me, I don’t know what you’re on about.
    And yes, I agree with her- Waa etc.!

  3. Good work, Laoise. Your Welsh is very impressive.

    Didn’t I see your delightful daughter with the rest of her clan at Body & Soul? That’s probably a bit spooky. It took me a few minutes to figure out where I knew your face from as we walked past. I half thought of turning back to say hello but there was too many people between us, I was too lazy and figured I’d have another opportunity but alas it wasn’t to be.

      1. The weekend condemned everyone to look their best cheery selves. Even us. I may have attempted to dance to Thriller at the kids’ disco. Maybe. I’ll tap you on the shoulder next time.

      2. No, it was amid the throng en route to somewhere. Where you there for the kids’ disco on Sunday? I got chased from the floor by our one for cramping her style. Ten years before I anticipated it.

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