What’s in my bag? Yes, I was surprised too

I’m known for being honest, for baring all and being open. I’ve shown you my make-up free face, my untidy car, vignettes of a far from picture-perfect life.

Today, thanks to a linky I’m going to share the contents of my handbag. (Don’t worry, I won’t make you touch them.)

I’ve two handbags on the go usually, but inevitably they get mixed. I try to keep a “work bag” with my work things and a weekend bag with the stuff I might need for the kids, but you’ll see that there’s quite a crossover.

My “work bag” is an Oasis bag with a bag inside it that most people probably keep all their junk in, but where’s the fun in that? It’s a great size and I love the look of it too.

Work Bag. So far, so normal.

For the purposes of the linky I made this list of what was in it. Many of these were binned once photographed, (like the fork and the used wipe).

What’s in my bag?

  • My phone
  • My work ID (not photographed)
  • My wallet
  • My “work wallet” that has a few euro in it, in case my other wallet fails to make it into the right bag
  • A scrunched up, dried baby wipe with makeup on it. I must have used this to clean my hands when I did my makeup in the car this morning
  • 2 used contact lens holders (why didn’t I bin these?)
  • 4 pens, 3 black one blue, 3 with lids
  • 1 pen lid that does’t match any of the pens
  • 1 plastic fork
  • 3 disposable contact lenses, 2 right eye, 1 left eye
  • 1 flier for a 5K run nthat happened last week
  • 3 lip glosses
  • 1 pack of throat lozenge
  • €3.20 in change loose in the bottom of the bag 
  • 1 pink child’s hair slide
  • 1 adult gold coloured hair grip
  • 1 broken blue crayon
  • 1 Next discount voucher
  • Car keys
  • 1 pack of tissues
  • Neutrogena hand cream
  • One sticker from a new hoodie for one of the kids (removed in the car as he was wearing it)
  • Plasters
  • Earphones
  • Phone charger cable
  • Loyalty card from our barber
  • Voucher for Glenisk yogurt
  • 9 paracetamol tablets (on 2 cards)
  • 4 antihistamine tablets
  • 1 receipt
  • 1 hair bobble
  • 1 umbrella cover (no umbrella)
  • 1 post it note with a reminder which file to save things into at work which should live on my PC screen but I hotdesk
  • 1 broken pen (Marks and Spencer brand)
  • 1 big blue notebook from work
  • Another pack of tissues
  • Two sets of postit notes, one large yellow, one page marker orange

I think I might win the prize for the most contents? 

I’m shocked that there’s no food there, and I wonder where my sunglasses are.

What’s in your bag?

Imagine, all this junk fits in one bag


One photo wasn’t enough to contain all my junk

This blogpost is part of a linky by Sara of Where is my mind gone? Check out the link to her blog for more entries, most of which are more organised than mine.


10 thoughts on “What’s in my bag? Yes, I was surprised too

  1. The random pain medication and contact lenses. Your bag and my bag are cousins. Found a squished up lemsip in my bag there at the weekend. Decided to leave it in there for a random lemsip emergency. Maybe it’s a mammy thing 🙂

  2. I’m very impressed at the no food; rusk bits have crept into mine of late; and always an Ellas Kitchen pouch. Need to get a new bag though as the strap has broken on mine, yours is gorgeous!

  3. I used to have all this in my bag too, especially the empty umbrella covers, so annoying, especially when the umbrella concerned has been dead and gone for a long time!

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