Chocolate Cornflake Buns or Seasonal Easter Nests

It’s coming up to Easter which means that every recipe will now be adorned with mini eggs, chocolate bunnies and chicks. 

And this one is no different.

The boys wanted to do Easter baking. I agreed but wanted to keep it simple. They consulted their “Children’s Cookbook” and Cathal (4) chose “Cornflake Crunch”  but felt it wasn’t Easter-y  enough (it were definitely deemed chocolatey enough).

We divided the mixture into pastel coloured cake cases and Cathal and Laoise decorated them with eggs. Some eggs *may* have disappeared in the process.

You can have small kids measure the ingredients into the saucepan and stir with supervision. I let Cathal make the indentations for the eggs and he and Laoise decorated with the eggs. Ciarán took the photos.

This recipe is jumping on the Easter bandwagon but happily it is equally delicious all year around and makes a change from the usual Rice Krispie buns.

Chocolate Cornflake Buns or Easter Nests


225g milk or dark chocolate, whichever you prefer

100g cornflakes

3 tablespoons golden syrup

50g butter

Optional: mini eggs to decorate

Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt in a heavy saucepan over a low heat with the butter and golden syrup. Keep stirring and take it off the heat as soon as it’s melted.

Add the cornflakes and stir well.

Divide the mixture into the cases.

Press on each one to make an indentation to hold the egg. Add egg of whatever decoration you choose.

Leave to set, try to keep the kids away from them!



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