Other People's Week in Dinners: A Guest Post from Cara McDermott

I put a call out in the weekindinners linky post for people who didn’t have blogs to email me to share their #weekindinners too, and Cara from Cavan, who I’ve been tweeting for years came up with the goods.

Cara, like me, is a working mum of three so I love to see how she manages to feed her crew. Thanks a million Cara for joining in. You can follow Cara  on twitter here.

This is a great week in dinners, leftovers, missing ingredients causing last minute changes to plans and a good treat at the weekend, with a fishfinger thrown in for good measure. A very realistic week, that looks very familiar to me.

Over to you Cara !



A #weekindinners in the McDermott household

I am a keen follower of Sinéad Fox’s Bumbles Of Rice blog [Thanks Cara, we love you too]. We have great interactions on twitter too [she’s right, Cara is always on for the chats and debates, twitter would be a less friendly place without her there]which resulted in me signing up to her #weekindinners blogpost of ordinary family dinners.

The kids get their dinner after school from our childminder. There is usually swimming, basketball, soccer etc after school so they often will eat again, but not always. So the kids might have a toasted sandwich, yogurt, cereal etc. We tend to get in the door around 6pm or 7pm so …. I’m not always in the humour for preparing a dinner, especially if I have a lot of class prep to do. And sometimes I don’t do much except have a toastie or bowl of cereal!

Anyway two weeks ago I said I would commit to documenting my #weekindinners – here goes!


I have a packed freezer. It is January and the funds are low so I tried to use up more of what was in my freezer. I had halved my ‘xmas ham’ as I knew we wouldn’t use it all and I’m so glad I did. I soaked it Sunday am and cooked it Sunday evening in water, onion, bayleaves and peppercorns so that all I had to do on Monday evening was to cover it in a honey glaze and finish it off in the oven. I steam cook my vegetables. I cooked mashed turnip with plenty of pepper, peas, carrots and mashed potatoes. Happened to have a good friend Donna staying with us that night so the adults tucked in! No picture unfortunately. I had hoped to make a lovely soup with the ham stock but hubby threw out the ‘dirty water’ that I had held back.


This will be quick – reheated leftovers from Monday!


I had some nice garlic & herb glazed pork chops in the freezer so took those out in the morning and grilled them, served with beans and steamed potatoes! Oh the glamour!


cara pasta
Photo: Cara McDermott

Ha! This was the day I was going to make carbonara – but the pancetta was out of date! So I did a Chicken (also from the freezer!) & Mushroom carbonara with Dill! The kids were curious so had a taste and loved it (minus the mushrooms – they hate mushrooms). They also hate onions but I chop them very small so usually they don’t even know they are there!


Photo: Cara McDermott

I put together a cous cous salad with feta and beetroot. (The kids did not touch this!)


We enjoyed nice fillet steak on Saturday with some crushed potatoes cooked with garlic, onions and smoked paprika. The kids don’t like steak (yet) so had some fish fingers instead!

cara steak
Mmm steak Photo; Cara McDermott


Roast chicken, roasted vegetables (carrots, onions, potatoes and parsnips), peas and steamed potatoes. I was telling Abby why it is important to baste the chicken to keep the meat moist – this is when she asked me “Do they do that in KFC too?” in a very serious curious voice!

So that was probably a typical week. After writing this – I do not know how you bloggers write so well and so regularly! Well done!

Cara McDermott @caramcdermott

Bumbles of Rice oneycomb



If you’d like to share your week in dinners email me – bumbles of rice @gmail. com and I’ll happily publish them, but remember, you have to keep it real, no showing off 🙂


The summary post on the linky is coming soon! (promise!)

9 thoughts on “Other People's Week in Dinners: A Guest Post from Cara McDermott

  1. Totally addicted to this series Sinead, & I keep meaning to comment. Your posts are keeping me entertained throughout the madness of the mocks in this house. Love the look of those garlic potatoes too 😀

  2. I shared a flat with Cara in college – I suspect she was the best of the four of us back then too! I think I should share my #weekindinners to reassure her that I’ve come on a bit since that time I forgot to put the water in the saucepan with the boil-in-the-bag rice (the memory of the burning plastic has lingered longer than the dreadful smell!). I have the opposite challenge of cooking just for one. Its hard to justify the dirty dishes when its just for me and because I’ve no one waiting for me or counting on me to cook its easy to slip into bad habits.

    1. Joan if you email me your week in dinners I’d love to share them too. I often cook for one and go for very easy things or take frozen stews etc from the freezer.

  3. Good midweek dinners there Cara. Top tip: keep them away from the steaks as long as you can. The day comes when you get but a bite. Trust me – I’m the voice of bitter experience!

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