Mindful of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a bit a of buzzword at the moment.

There are books on it, courses, TV programmes, mindfulness apps and podcasts.

But it was only when I was asked to write about it that I realised I wasn’t really quite sure that I knew exactly what it was. Sure, I knew what the word meant, but what about the “thing”. It seems that mindfulness is a “thing”, an industry.

Before I committed my thoughts to writing I thought I should do some in-depth research so I’d know exactly what I’m talking about.
mindfulness logo

But instead, I  googled and found this definition. And then I got distracted again. (the irony).

I was happy enough with the definition though, especially as it was, more or less,  describing what I thought it meant.

Being mindful.

Taking time to think, time to realise what you’re doing. Consciously considering things.

Mindfulness isn’t new, the buzz about it might be, it’s fashionable to do mindfulness courses. But you don’t need a course to be mindful. You can do it, by just thinking.

So, when I thought that I needed to do research  the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I’ve written about mindfulness before, I just didn’t call it that.

I’ve been mindful about one on one time with the kids, about just going with the flow when things get on top of me. I’ve talked about the Happiness Project and lessons I’ve learned from it, like only saying no when it matters. I’ve even identified nine things that I need to do, consciously considering these things, and realising what I need to change.

The way I look it at, it’s about taking the time to do things, the time to think about things, before just doing the things. When we’re caught in the hamster wheel it’s hard to see what benefit time will give, but it will. Mindfulness is about taking time out from everything, even for  a few minutes.  Time to reboot, reset and recover.

Or at least that’s what I think.

So, with my happiness aims and my nine things I think I’ve got my mindfulness goals covered. Or committed to writing at least. Actually carrying them out is a whole other thing, but I’m mindful of this now, and will try. It’s for the best for everyone!

This post is part of a link-up hosted by Aisling at Baby Steps– check out her blog here.

photo credit: Sweet Dreamz Design via photopin cc

3 thoughts on “Mindful of Mindfulness

  1. Two thoughts: I like to thnk of mindfuless (when I do think about it, which is too rarely) as being genuinely present in a moment that’s worth my full attention. And weirdly, the wellness branch of my church denomination posted something this week about practicing mindfulness when brushing your teeth. I have to say, that just made me laugh, and I have to admit to thinking about it twice a day now when I brush! 🙂

  2. I’m impressed! Reflective consideration about being awake to being alive. Brillaint. Needs more time though- a lifetime?

  3. Stepping back and taking stock of things, enjoying the moment without worrying about the next one, that is my take on mindfulness.I must say that even having committed it to writing has made me a lot more aware of how I use my time. Hope I can maintain it. Thanks for joining in!

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