A Realistic Halloween Special

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Some of you may be wondering when I’m going to start publishing my beautiful Halloween themed posts.

You know, the baking, the crafts and the pumpkin-themed dinners. Cupcakes shaped like skulls, Bat stew, and make your own monster in three easy steps.

Others will realise that that isn’t how it works around here. Bumbles of Rice is a reflection of real life, more it is our real life in our house. Our decorations are not handcrafted unless they came home from school or playschool and generally come from the Euroshop. My children won’t eat pumpkin, and the baking that has happened hasn’t been Halloween themed. (We made some lemon slices, yum)

Pyjama baking
Pyjama baking

We’re on midterm break, and by a wonderful alignment of the stars (OK, a stroke of luck) both parents of our family are off work so we’re having some family time, we’ve been visiting grannies (yes, both of them) and getting fresh air and doing laundry. There’s always laundry to do.

The thing is real life isn’t really like the magazine features or Pinterest, or not in this house anyway.  Real life doesn’t even have time to browse Pinterest. Or has the time to browse it and pin eleventy million cute things to do with their kids but then used up all the time browsing and had no time left to actually make the thing.

We’ve fitted in a nightwalk, a spooky tour of Hook Lighthouse, walks in the woods and on the beach. Loads of energy burning activities for boys and small girls, with a good sprinkling of grandparents and sea air and lots of playground time.

I do plan on making some monster slime, I’ve bought the ingredients already  and we have pumpkins bought weeks ago in Ballycross that remain uncarved. We’ll hopefully get to do it tomorrow, before trick or treating.

But if I don’t, that won’t spoil Halloween or midterm break And if I do, I’ll schedule a blogpost for this time next year and look all smug as I pin my photographs.

Happy Halloween!

Image: IMDB
Image: IMDB

In an amazingly Halloween themed activity the boys watched Netflix this morning and rather than the usuals I suggested some seasonal programmes. They watched and loved the Dreamworks Spooky Stories set and then I found a Power Rangers Halloween Special too, they are obsessed with Power Rangers at the moment, and were glued to this, despite telling me later that it was Power Rangers Samurai and their favourite is Power Rangers Mega Force. Oh well. Netflix have a new Halloween content row where you can see the Halloweeny movies for the season, there are some old favourites there, like Carrie, and the one movie that really made me squirm in the cinema, Event Horizon as well as more recent ones like Zombieland. You’ll also find Teen Witch, Buffy and Scream, lots to keep you busy.



Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews, however, all opinions are my own, and I already had a personal subscription before joining the Stream Team.

13 thoughts on “A Realistic Halloween Special

  1. Keeping it real as usual Sinéad, and all that good midterm stuff is what it’s all about really. Not the social media version of midterm that we pretend we’re having. P.S. I love that you used ‘eleventy’ in a blog post.

  2. Love the reality check, makes me feel less inadequate about all the great activities I had planned to do with the kids…. and didn’t! I do hope you get to do the Monster slime though… it is pretty cool for any time of year so no pressure for tomorrow 🙂

  3. We got a huge pumpkin to carve, except we all hate taking out the goo. So today we thought we should attempt it. We didn’t bother as it was quite obviously well past it’s best. Gross. Lesson learned, don’t buy the pumpkin too early.
    This was a really comforting post. Real life as most of us know it.

  4. See i reckon I did about the same as you but I thought I was going all out with making slime, visiting a pumpkin patch (ballycross here too!) and making a few spookily decorated buns. You mean people do more than that?

    (Actually we have a friend in Sweden who take the week off to decorate his house and invites the whole neighbourhood – no one there even celebrated it before he moved in!)

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