Shove off Summer, I'm ready for Autumn

Image: Pixabay

I’m ready for Autumn.

I’ve been ready since the middle of August but it’s making us wait even longer this year than usual. Global warming they say, Indian summer they suggest. Whatever it is, I’m over it. I’m ready to pack the shorts and tshirts away and hide my feet away til next year, safe and snug in socks.

Summer has dragged, and now quite frankly it’s overstayed its welcome. I mean I do like summer, but it has lots of irritants too – there’s suncream to deal with, and sand and wasps.  But there’s also what seems like a constant disappointment in Irish summers. We plan activities presuming that since it’s July there will be sun but then it rains. Autumn is the opposite, instead of disappointing us, Autumn delights. We expect rain and fog, and a damp chill, and every dry day, with or without sunshine we comment on the beautiful day and make the most of the good weather to get out.

On a wet day there’s no shame in pulling the curtains and watching a movie on a Sunday afternoon. Alas,  there’s no such luxury in summer, we strive to get out in the great weather, just sitting doing nothing when the sun is shining seems like a waste. But we need to take a break, and Autumn lets us.

My two boys were born in September, I started going out with my husband one October night in the last century and married him some years later in September, with blackberry and apple crumble on the menu. Autumn has been good to us.

Autumn brings “back to school” and new boots (buying new winter boots is undoubtedly my fashion highlight each year) and kicking leaves. There’s homework to do, and blackberries to pick and woods to wander in when the weather permits. Autumn days are short and getting shorter and darker. There’s casserole in the oven, soup in the pot and Hallowe’en costumes are the talk of the playground.  Autumn gives us welcome respite between the hectic summer and the busy Christmas season.

Autumn is cosy and calm.

Shove off Summer, let Autumn through, I’m ready and waiting in my new boots.

Pumpkin patch (Image: Sinead Fox)
Pumpkin patch
(Image: Sinead Fox)

14 thoughts on “Shove off Summer, I'm ready for Autumn

  1. Yep. I LOVE summer, it’s my favourite season by far. But there’s no point in a mediocre August followed by a blazing hot September. We’ve moved on. We’ve put away the barbecue. The shorts are boxed away in the attic. Too late. Totally agree, time to move on.
    (we will regret this when we’re still wearing winter coats next May)

    1. I love summer too, but enough is enough. And our holidays were in the wet west this year too. My eldest is still wearing his shorts after school, partly because I’d forgotten that his jeans are all anklegrazers now after another summer of growing.

  2. i cannot dress myself in the summer – i’m an Autumn girl, I like boots and jumpers and tights and leggings. I want the wind, the rain and a strong breeze. I’m shopping for winter coats. Will there be winter this year?

    1. Who knows Amee! It’s all very confused and with the seasons delayed I’m not sure if there’s room for winter. Good choice living in Galway with those weather preferences 🙂

  3. I just want the rainy days to be cold enough for a coat – no more clammy rainy days! Apple crumble and stew back on the menu!

  4. I used to love summer, but it ain’t so much fun once you’re too old and fat to wear shorts! Now I enjoy the chance to cover up without feeling clammy. And to wear my boots of course 🙂

  5. Oh I’m so with you, love the Autumn, leads nicely into winter, there’s no disappointment or expectations about the weather. I like your description, it is indeed cosy and calm. I love cosy and calm!! Coincidentally I married in September and have two Autumn babies too, though they’re would argue theyre not babies and the elder one is so not happy being an ‘irish twin’ anymore lol!

  6. I just love Autumn.The changing landscape,the colours,the comfy boots that get to be worn again!But I have to admit that I have loved this extra long summer we ve had!Reminds me of how fab it is to live in a country with decent weather!

  7. I adore Autumn, but I have to say I am SO glad Summer is lasting as long as it has. January and February are usually the worst months, so if Winter is a little later coming on this side of the year it will make those months seem a little shorter. In saying that, my boots are ready and waiting too 🙂

  8. I love Autumn but I’m with Sadhbh and glad to have the extra stretch. It is kind of funny being warm and clammy in the day and then wanting to light the fire at night but I don’t think we will have long to wait to pull out the woolly jumpers again.

    Lovely post

  9. Wash your mouth out! I am not a fan of heat but I hate rain. I hate the long dark evenings, and the cold, the central heating and wearing shoes.
    Moving into Autumn in the heat is just perfect to me.
    I will be back to you when the rain comes, and you are sitting inside for days. Long may this last.. 🙂

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