Some thoughts on starting school

Ciarán and I “collaborated” on a piece in yesterday’s Irish Independent.

OK, I wrote it, he answered some questions I asked him and stole the show in the photos. (don’t tell the other two I said that).


Here are the links if you’d like to read this brand new piece:

My bit is called “Prepare your heart as well as the lunch when your little one starts school”

and my interview with Ciarán is filed as “A Junior Infant’s advice to those starting school”.

The lovely photos aren’t on the online versions so here are some iphone shots of them, they were taken by Patrick Browne, New Ross.


You can find links to these and other pieces I’ve had published on my new Press Clippings page.


Also, just in case you’ve missed all my pleas and have 30 seconds, I’d really appreciate your vote in the Irish Blog Awards- I’ve been nominated for best blogpost for this post about returning to work after maternity leave and to get to the judging stages I need public votes, and the only way to get public votes is to do an embarrassing appeal like this. So if you liked the post and have a time to click three times, click here, choose “bumbles of rice” (there’s a little circle beside it) and click vote at the bottom. Thanks a million.



4 thoughts on “Some thoughts on starting school

  1. Brilliant photo’s! I burying the thoughts of the 4 year starting in 3 weeks time. This is my third child in 4 years to start school, it doesn’t get easier!!! I know she will love it but I always think its a huge milestone in their little lives.

    1. Oh it is fore sure, such a big step. I’m delighted with the photos, bar the huge dodie in L’s mouth, she was absolutely wrecked, that was one of the last photos taken of her.

  2. Great articles! Delighted I have another year before I face it though, I don’t know how I’ll deal with two small people dealing with all that change at once!

    Loved Ciarán’s interview. He sounds like a wonderfully positive little chap.

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