A Week in Dinners #9 – with a healthy twist

Remember my week in dinners? It’s been a while. I’m back to work and life is a bit chaotic. I still haven’t gotten into the swing of meal planning so it’s all a but random, and truth be told my evening meal often consists of cheese and crackers. (I also have yet to write a round up post from the week in dinners linky, but you can view all the posts here, to see the 17 weeks in dinners different bloggers shared click on the blue frog logo)

Now having spent two weeks in the West eating deep fried seafood and ice-cream it’s time to start eating properly, real, healthy meals.

I’ve been shamed/convinced to sign up for the Irish Independent’s 100 fit days#100fitdays. Nothing like a bit of public humiliation to motivate me.

But before the 100 days begin I decided to let myself have a headstart and I started a healthy week in dinners.

Here’s what we ate:

Salmon, oven baked with scrape of pesto with steamed broccoli roast veg (sweet potatoes, carrots, field mushrooms). The kids had meatballs with from scratch tomato sauce and pasta. The boys ate lots without complaint and you can see how much Laoise liked hers below.


Turkey breast steaks with cumin and chili, done on griddle pan. Couscous salad with feta, olives and veg.
The kids had meatballs and pasta (same as yesterday) at the childminder’s. Cathal refused to eat it as it wasn’t what he wanted!

I was home today and listened to Cathal’s request to make Shepherd’s pie, the three small ones all love it so there’s ways clean plates. I had lots of green veg with mine, the kids didn’t.

Back in work, I made a tuna and sweet corn omelette for myself with some green salad. The kids ate more Shepherd’s Pie at their minder’s.

Hooray, the weekend.
I bashed some chicken breast and sprinkled oregano and lemon juice on them and served with stir fried vegetables. The kids had Chicken and Broccoli Bake from the freezer with mash leftover from Wednesday.


What a great week in dinners! What have you been eating? Anyone else on a health kick and want to join me on 100 fit days?

4 thoughts on “A Week in Dinners #9 – with a healthy twist

  1. I am very envious of your ability to just rustle up these healthy but yum sounding dinners mid-week! Will have to have a proper look at 100 fit days…if it involves actual exercise I’m in trouble…

    1. I thought ahead a bit more than usual Officemum and just had the right stuff in the fridge/press. I don’t always cook after work, this was an unusual week, but the tightness of my clothes kept me motivated. As for the 100fit days, I’m scared, but I really do want to lose the baby weight so I’m going to see if the public humiliation helps as an additional motivator! (I’m notoriously bad at sticking to regimes like this)

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