My Barefaced Life- Sharing the Truth about Life

The “no makeup selfies” trend which has raised much needed funds for cancer charities across Ireland and the UK this week has social media in the spotlight again. Women posted self portraits of their makeup free faces and donated to charity, then nominated other friends to do the same. The trend had its opponents who cited narcissism and queried the point of the movement, but cancer charities welcomed the unexpected rise in donations and all was well with the world.

photo (3)

It got me thinking though about the barefaced truth on social media, or more to the point, the lack of it.

Scroll through your Facebook timeline or your Instagram feed. What can you see? Lots of delicious looking food, happy couples, beautiful places, smiling children, stunning views, perfect interiors, coordinated outfits.

All perfectly choreographed and styled.

Nothing sad, nothing unattractive.  Nothing mundane nor pedestrian.

Of course not, that’s not the point of social media. It’s our shop window, our way of showing the world how great life is, of escaping. We can show where we have been, and who we have been with. It documents our good times, our nights out, our daytrips with our kids, our holidays. It’s our happiness record. Nobody wants to know about the bad stuff.

Barefaced Life

Social media isn’t really about real life. It could be, but for the majority of users it’s simply not. Yes, there’s serious news there, and photos of atrocities, and tales of sadness and devastation, but not on a personal level. For most users Facebook is about showing off using pictures. Twitter is about showing off using punchy phrases. Instagram is about making the showing off pictures look old or bright or shiny. There’s nothing essentially wrong with this, after all, sharing happiness is a good thing. But it’s not the whole story,

Real life has tears and upsets, it’s messy and sticky, and not that glossy at all. That’s what makes it real.

There seem to be things that exist only outside social media or as I like to call it in the real world, things like messy kitchens (and sitting rooms, and bedrooms and playrooms), snotty nosed kids, beige freezer dinners, dirty streets, ghost estates, negative emotions, unattractive people and – until this week – bare faced ladies.

When we use social media we put a gloss on things, it’s about displaying our personal brand, how we want to be perceived. Foodie, fashionista, hipster, supermum, With the right photos and the right filter we can build that image, almost unquestioned.

But who do we serve if we do that? These ideal worlds that we create only put more pressure on everyone to live up to false standards. They sell us an unattainable lifestyle that we cannot reach. We read books and magazines and envy celebrities’ lifestyles, then we go to facebook and twitter and envy the lifestyles that our peers represent.

We’re doing each other no favours, just adding to the pressure to be perfect.

So, inspired by the barefaced selfies I’m starting my own thing, a campaign for people to  get more barefaced about life, not a moan but a reality check. Join me, we owe it to each other. It’s about being honest. You don’t have to instagram your toast or post a facebook status each time you put the bin out. Just don’t pretend all the time that everything is always exciting and wonderful and glossy.

Now, it’s not all new to me, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you’ll know that  I’ve been brave before, I’ve posted my real life dinners for a few weeks.  I’ve admitted to using stock cubes and tins of soup in my cooking. I’ve confessed about the mess of my kitchen floor and told the real story of bedtime in my house.  These should all make you feel better about yourself.

Here are some more of my real life facts from my barefaced life to get the ball rolling.

1. My house is (very) messy and rather sticky too.

2. My nails are usually unfiled and unpainted.

3. We eat everyday food (rarely organic) bought from a discount supermarket off plates from IKEA. (not patterned pretty ones)

4. My laundry pile is my nemesis and is slowly growing to take over my house.

5. There are presses in my kitchen that I need a helmet to open for fear of being hit by falling debris.

What are you hiding? I’d love to hear some more facts about your bare faced life, share it and spread the happiness as we realise that nobody’s perfect.

Selfie: Sinead Fox
Graphics: Sinead Fox using Canva

34 thoughts on “My Barefaced Life- Sharing the Truth about Life

  1. Wonderfully said. Let’s get more real. I am sitting in a very untidy sitting room but after a busy Saturday I am too tired to do something about it, kids are in bed, music is on. Nobody will ever know. 🙂

    1. Well dairyfreekids the kids will have it messed within 5 minutes in the morning so there are better uses for your time:) and having them in bed is so productive, my 3 are pyjamaed (is that a word?) but all still downstairs. I’m in denial.

  2. Hmmmm…I’m not sure what I could share that would be considered a revelation, most people know I’m not a great cook and my Facebook profile picture is me without make-up (from before selfies trend!!!!) in my wellies and walking clothes. Since I don’t share that much online anyway -but really I am quite boring so that might explain it!- there must be things that I could reveal so I will have a think and then link up.

      1. Ah ha! I must be too wholesome!!! I have previously blogged about the vortex that is the hot press but I have just thought of something else that everyone who knows me in real life knows. Will blog!

  3. Very well said Mrs Bumbles! My confession to begin with is that I didn’t know there was anything wrong with using stock cubes – does that make me even worse? And apart from that, I have to admit that my house is the most ridiculously cluttered place I’ve ever seen, and I will never share a photo of it!

    1. Why thank you Mrs Office Mum. Stock cubes are frowned upon by many in the food blogging world, and canned soup is a definite no-no.
      I live in clutterville too, it drives me crazy. And don’t mention the hot press!

  4. Oh Bumbles… 🙂 how true. Our house is a constant MESS, the laundry is a depressing constant, we are just about to eat a packet pizza and chips and I so rarely wear makeup it usually expires before it’s halfway used. The only half lovely things in my house are scones on El cheapo plates!!!!!

    1. What’s this about makeup expiring? You mean my wedding eyeshadow should be binned? Eeek, another one for the list. Packet food confessions are my favourite, thanks Emily.

  5. You’ve definitely hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Think I took 4 pics before I got the ‘right’ one of my ‘nomakeup’ selfie! lol

  6. I’m an incredibly messy person, I’m extremely stubborn and I have no idea how to budget. I’d happily eat pizza every night if it wasn’t so unhealthy!

  7. Wonderful post… and where do I begin! Guilty on the old stock cubes thing, some of my seldom worn make up dates back to my wedding, my house is such a mess that I now seem to have two “don’t open the door when we have visitors” kind of rooms :0) There are never any paired socks, laundry pile is immense and I NEVER iron. I could keep going but I think that’s enough for now ;0)

  8. Oh dear. I share too much already and the rest you would have to pay me to hear! Social services may become involved. 🙂
    Great post, and no wonder you posted a selfie, you look great!

  9. Although relating “real life” seems to be in the minority, it is there…the Mums who are working with each other to try to make their homes “yelling free” areas; the women suffering from depression; the ones struggling with this or that challenge, whom everyone has experienced at one time or another and the women who suffer indignities in silence…we are all there. Then there are the people like me, who has brought up a family of my own, made many mistakes and had some great successes; ones who want to share their experiences and strengths and hopes with others with the intent to “awhi” (or “hold up”) others. I delight in your site! I did my pre school mothering over thirty years ago but I still relate! Sometimes i thing, “If only I had known that then!” I smile with your enthusiasm and think of you when your reach out for others…and as I glide kicking and screaming into retirement (from early childhood education and care, which has made up all of my life) you help me with my depression and sense of loss…women helping women…we are all the same, the world over…and sometimes, just sometimes, it is healthier and safer not to be “real” on this media…I respect that too.

  10. You’re so right . The truth is I’m lying in a hotel room with the fam unable to sleep; bloated from too many diet cokes.unable to wear pj top cause got baby poop on it while changing nappy. Apols ifthis is over share

  11. It has been explained to me several times but I stil don’t know what a tracker mortgage is. 🙂

  12. My puppy does excited-to-see-you pees and I’m not confident I’ve found & cleaned them all – my kitchen/dining room permanently smells of wee and cow poo thanks to her recent trip to the farm 🙂 it’s pretty awful. I was a clean freak before I became a mom!

    1. Oh dear Janine! I’ve found puddles of child pee places too and I’m not sure how long they have been there, and I always can smell either wee or poo, probably because I spend so much time cleaning it up! Thanks for reading and confessing.

  13. SO I’ll be shunned if I say my home is usually spotless and mostly tidy?
    It’s just who I am.
    But I will let the dog sleep in the bed.
    I will clean the house before I wash my face. I won’t take a selfie of that look.
    But that’s the private me, along with a lot more that I don’t choose to share.
    Only my family get to share all of me.

    1. Oh there’s no shunning at all Pat, I’d love to have a spotless home but I’m a very untidy person. I just would love if we’d all realise that nobody is actually perfect and that we could all be more comfortable in our own skins. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment.

  14. Oh this is so refreshing! My hot press is like a vortex too. My utility room is crammed with laundry. Today I found a well-sodden dry night pull-up behind the sofa – and it wasn’t from last night!
    All the girls I’ve seen in selfies look amazing though. Should we all trash the make-up or are only really pretty girls doing selfies??

    1. The selfies are soft light and posed, but a lot of people overdo the makeup so they do look better without.
      I cannot believe you mentioned the hotpress, mine defeats me. And as for behind the couch, the ultimate hiding place!

  15. Everyone knows my house is a wreck lol I leave my house most days without having brushed my hair and as soon as I get in the door I get back into pjs lol

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