Review: Funky Giraffe Bibs


Little Miss Laoise is teething, she’s been teething for months but not a sign of a little tooth, just bright red cheeks, a snotty nose and oceans of drool. I’m changing her bibs constantly as they are soaked, and I remember being told with the boys that babies can get chest infections if they keep wet bibs on (I’ve no idea if this is true!).

So, it was great timing when we were offered a choice of three bibs from the Funky Giraffe range to test drive. The only problem was choosing which three, it took me ages to narrow it down, and in the end I resolved to order more when the review was done, it was the only way I could walk away from some of the ones I loved.

Bandana bibs have really gone mainstream since the boys were born, they’re in every kids’ clothing department now and Miss Laoise rarely wears traditional style bibs anymore. That said I hadn’t tried the Funky Giraffe bibs, tending just to pick bibs up in shops when I saw them and never getting organised enough to order them online.

The three we chose

I have noticed though that bandana bibs are usually considered a more premium product and slightly pricier than regular velcro or snap fastener bibs, even in the supermarket own brand ranges. Having checked the Funky Giraffe price list I was surprised to see that if you buy 5 they come in at £11 (around €13.50) which is around the price charged in Next and Nameit. (Delivery is available worldwide- it’s free in the UK, and a reasonable £3 for about 10 bibs to the rest of the EU and £3.50 to the rest of the world.)

One thing I frustrating is that the colour palette for baby girl’s bibs is very limited, much moreso that baby girl’s clothes, it’s more a question of what shade of pink as opposed to what colour, yet Laoise has grey, navy, purple, blue and red clothes, but the bibs in those colours are rare or very “boyish” in design. (I know, that’s in my head, but it still gets on my nerves).

It’s also very difficult to get bibs in darker colours which is irritating  as pretty light coloured bibs get destroyed with an orange stain. (Why all first weaning foods are orange is beyond me – carrots, butternut squash and sweet potato I’m looking at you!!).

Funky Giraffe all these gripes on board and offer colours throughout the rainbow from red through to yellow with greens, blues, purples, navy and even greys in between. The bright colours are complemented with a variety of patterns including stripes and zigzags, handprints, camper vans, paper aeroplanes, I could go on and on, you’ll have to check out the site yourselves.

The good news is that they’re not all style over substance though, both the size and quality of the Funky Giraffe bibs is very impressive.  The quality is fantastic, the bibs we chose were the standard size with fleece backing (they also do a lighter cotton backing for kids with very sensitive skin or for warmer weather). The fleece is thick and the cotton very strong, the colours are vibrant and our bibs have washed and dried well. (I’m gushing aren’t I?). Laoise rips off her velcro bibs but hasn’t ever tried to take these ones off, I think it’s because they’re less obvious to her as they’re higher up. They also close by snap fastener, unlike some of the other bandana bibs that we have which close by velcro.

Look how thick the lining is. And I love that the pattern is on the back too

I’ve compared them below to bandana style bibs that Laoise has from NameIt and Tesco. The Funky Giraffe ones are much bigger and made of bettwer fabric, it feels stronger and softer. The fleece backing is thick and absorbent, similar to the NameIt one but they are much larger, exactly what you need with a teething baby.

Comparison with NameIt bib. The Funky Giraffe is the navy polka dot one.
Comparison with Tesco F+F bib

As well as the baby sized bibs that we reviewed, funky giraffe also make larger dribble bibs for older children or adults with special needs.

I’ll let their stylishness speak for itself with these shots of Laoise “modelling” them.

Modelling in the library-“Cheep Cheep Chick” by Funky Giraffe
Laoise is wearing Daisy Green here
White Spots on Navy Blue is the perfect accompaniment to Laoise’s navy and white top
Rear view of White spots on Navy

Disclosure: I was provided three Funky Giraffe bibs of my choice free of charge for the purposes of review. I wasn’t paid for the review and the opinions here are my own.

8 thoughts on “Review: Funky Giraffe Bibs

  1. They’re lovely. I had to laugh though you are so right. all baby foods are orange. Drove me mad and remembering still annoys me.

    1. ALL, every bloody single one without fail. Except the green ones. The day of my eldest fella’s christening I only fed him white food in case he spewed on his christening clothes- readybrek and spuds 🙂

      1. Brilliant idea. Maybe you could do a special blog post of suggested white food for special occasions.

  2. Ooh they look lovely.I had rather unrealistic hopes of making my own bandana bibs for Mini Mini while I was pregnant but of course that didn’t happen!Only got around to buying a book with the patterns,still have to buy the sewing machine and learn how to use it!!!

    1. I think it’d be cheaper to order 10 from Funky Giraffe Aedin, they really are lovely. And you don’t exactly have much time on your hands with 2 smallies 🙂 They have some very cool designs too.

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