Movie Review: Disney’s “Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy”

I’ll admit it, when we were invited to a preview screening of “Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy” I was nervous. You see, my two boys have very definite ideas about “boy things”and “girl things” and fairies, in their books at least, are definitely “girl things”.

I broached the subject carefully, as I had my heart set on going. I explained that we’d be going to see a movie about pirates and fairies the following day.

I wasn’t expecting what happened next “Oh, is it Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy? I REALLY want to see that, but we can’t go tomorrow because it’s not in cinemas until February 14”. I was gobsmacked. He’d seen it advertised on Disney Junior and had filed the date away to pester me.

Anyway, I was relieved as both were very enthusiastic once I explained that Disney had invited us to go along to see what we thought of it first so we could tell all our friends. Ciarán LOVED this idea. Cathal was enthused, but had a different concern “Will there be popcorn?”.

Our trip to Dublin to the preview screening was facilitiated by the wonderful Auntie Gra who volunteered to help with the boys as we were bringing Laoise too. I’d planned to bring ear defenders for Laoise but in my lack of preparedness I forgot them, but she was absolutely fine, and watched the movie for a bit, then fell asleep on my shoulder.

I missed a lot of the movie as I had to go back to the car for baby supplies (I blame sleep depravation) or at least I thought I had to, when I returned from the carpark I realised that I had been sitting on them. I also found my husband’s car keys in my bag. How I managed to dress myself that morning I don’t know!

To the movie- the boys were both mesmerised. The story is a tale of a pirate fairy who steals magic dust from Pixie Hollow and a group of fairies including Tinkerbelle trying to get it back. The pirate fairy is living with the pirates so there’s lots of swashbuckling and piratery, loads of magical glittery dust and lots of scrapes and adventures. The animation is fantastic, all sparkly and magical. There’s nothing scary or worrying (we had to leave the cinema during Finding Nemo and had tears for Madagascar 3 so this is a concern).


Ciarán (5): “The amazingest movie ever, and definitely both for boys and girls. I loved it so much I’m even going to draw a picture of it” (see him displaying his picture below).

Cathal (3): SPOILER ALERT: “It was GREAT- I liked the bit where they getted it back the best”.


3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Disney’s “Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy”

  1. Glad the boys enjoyed it. I had the date filled away too for bringing my 3yo. I brought her to see frozen a few weeks ago for her 1st trip to the cinema and she loved the whole experience. We can’t wait to do it again and another Disney movie is a huge plus.

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