New to Netflix: Turbo FAST

As you may have gathered from my previous posts and tweets, my kids love to watch TV. We’ve had Netflix since last Christmas, and while the boys love their “live” TV on wet afternoons after school we often pan out on the couch together in front of Netflix and watch movies-  they’re currently hooked on Disney’s very old season of Robin Hood, singing along loudly.

The boys most particularly love cartoons, the louder the better. So, when we were invited to attend the preview of the new Netflix cartoon series “Turbo FAST” I jumped at the chance.

On a cold morning in December we left Daddy and baby sister behind and went off on an adventure to Dublin. The boys were  very, very excited to make new friends, collect goodie bags (LOOK MAM LIGHTS FOR OUR HEADS!!) and have popcorn before we even saw the show.

Us at the Turbo FAST preview screening
Us at the Turbo FAST preview screening

The cartoon was bright and noisy, it had silliness, fart jokes, fast vehicles, more silliness. Boys won over. There’s also bits for the parents, just to check that we’re listening, like  “It’s on the internet so it must be true…unless that’s what the internet WANTS us to think”. The five year old was totally hooked, the three year old seemed a little lost at the story (it moves quite quickly) but was very enthusiastic at the race scenes making LOUD car noises.

There are also nice lessons to learn, about the support of your friends so that the parents will overlook the fart jokes and the bits that really appeal to the kids.

(L to R) Skidmark, Turbo, Whiplash and Chet in "Turbo FAST."

The show is a Netflix Original meaning that it isn’t available anywhere else, it was launched on Christmas Eve and there are five episodes available now. Netflix have a website with more information and you can even print some Turbo FAST activity sheets including colouring, dot to dots etc, which might help keep the kids amused for the next week before school reopen, after they’ve watched the show of course 🙂

Disclosure:  We were guests of Netflix at the preview and I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team, which will involve more posts in conjunction with Netflix in the coming months. More later…

5 thoughts on “New to Netflix: Turbo FAST

      1. Ha ha. You should hear them when they see me on my laptop. They all hate english in school, rarely read and hate writing essays! I’d love to get something published some day just to show them. Mind you I’d have to submit something first. 🙂

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