Five Things That Make My Life Easier

I am all about making my life easier, bit by bit. I try to embrace the things I learned from The Happiness Project but it’s probably (definitely) time to dust off my copy and do some revision.

Lately as I’m spending more time at home I’m starting to notice and appreciate some bits and pieces that have really do make things easier so I thought I’d share them and hopefully help safe you time and effort.
(They’re all things that I have bought and paid for myself so this isn’t a sponsored post, I just love the stuff so I’m sharing)

1. Sunshine Kids Buggy Buddy


I’ve two of the “one handle” type buggies and neither has a  pocket to put my wallet/a bottle of water/tissues in that’s within reach- this is the solution, so I end up putting them in the hood, and then they get stuck or fall out and the hood collapses and I curse, loudly. This magical* invention (*it’s not actually magical) saves all that swearing.  It’s a container that velcroes onto either side of the handle of the buggy and that holds all my stuff. I LOVE it. I get nervous if it’s on the other buggy and I have to hang a bag off the bar. I should probably get a second one, or get rid of a buggy. Anyway, this is widely available, and not expensive (€11- yay) you’ll see it in baby shops that stock the Sunshine Kids brand, I got mine from Amazon I think. It’s a winner.

Action shot of the buggy  buddy
Action shot of the buggy buddy

2. Pancetta Cubes

Starring pancetta in a leading role  (Image: Sinead Fox)
Starring pancetta in a leading role
(Image: Sinead Fox)

I buy mine in Aldi usually. They are brilliant, they are tasty and they are cheap, and the boys will eat them. Win.

You will never be hungry if you have these and a bag of pasta. They are amazing. They are gorgeous in salads too. That’s why I have so many recipes that use them.

Like this and this and all these.

3. Clevamama Soother Tree


I bought this before Laoise was born, we didn’t have one for the boys so we had either Milton on the go or the breastpump microwave steriliser.  This was just brilliant, so handy when you aren’t using bottles much so don’t have a sterliser on the go all the time . It sterilises the dummies in a minute in the microwave and stores them hygenically and tidily too. Plus, I think it must have been designed to sit nicely on the kitchen windowsill. (Available everywhere, made by Clevamama.

4. Overglasses

(Image Credit: Amazon)

I got these at the end of the summer in a local chemist.  They look mostly like normal shades but are slightly deeper and a bit bigger. They stop the whole “I can’t wear my glasses on a sunny day” drama and the constant switching between glasses and prescription sunglasses. Mine cost €15 in the local chemist, they’re also available on Amazon. LOVE.

5. Travel Changing Mat with pockets

Travel Changing Mat (Image Credit: Amazon)

These are available from lots of places and there are a few different brands. It’s basically a changing mat with pockets in it that folds up neatly (usually). I have mine a while and really find it invaluable.  You get the stage where you’re sick of carrying around the big nappy bag with ALL the nappies and bibs and muslins and changes of clothes, and everything except the one thing that you really need, so this is really handy to have a few wipes, four nappies and a spare vest for leaks close at hand. I tend to keep a sample size of nappy cream in it too. Then, if we’re out this wallet type thing slots neatly under the buggy or in my (HUGE) handbag and the nappy bag with all the changes of clothes stays in the car.  It’s a great gift to give new parents too, or I think so, as I have given it to a few 🙂

What makes your life easier?

Since I’m all about making life easier I’d love to hear what makes your life easier, in the hope that it might help me too!

12 thoughts on “Five Things That Make My Life Easier

  1. Totally agree about the soother tree, and wish I’d known about the buggy bag when I was using my one handled Phil and Teds and could never hang anything anywhere. My best thing for making life easier is my Ergo (of course!) and after that, I’d have to say my handbag insert. Everything goes into it, and you then lift it out of one bag to put straight in the other. No more leaving packs of chewing gum and tissues and keys in one bag when you switch to another. A niche product – I have a sister who totally doesn’t understand why it’s brilliant 😉

    1. I do love my Ergo office mum, as you know, but it’s not in the top five yet 🙂 Haven’t used a handbag insert, might consider it as I can see the benefits. Did I tell you about the time I was at a seminar and handed a colleague a plastic goat when he asked to borrow a pen ?

    2. I have one of those handbag inserts too! Of course, then I put it in the one handbag and never bother to use a different one for months. But it does keep things a bit more structured than just floating around the bag, too.

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