Donal Skehan’s Lemon Slices

It’s lovely to have something home baked if you have callers for a cuppa. Even better if it’s easy to make and hit with everyone, sure we hate having waste, better to see the crumbs on the plate.

In my fantasy world I have freshly baked things for every caller, but to be honest we don’t have that many visitors.  Maybe if I did have more homebaked treats and less talk about them we would.  And if every surface in my house wasn’t sticky from these two small men. Oh, and if I was ever here!

Anyway, my very good friend from college and her gorgeous little girl came to visit a few weeks ago and I decided that she needed feeding. (She always feeds me well when I visit her).  I had made these Lemon Slices from Donal Skehan’s Kitchen Hero on my sister’s recommendation before so decided they’d be perfect again, and I’ve made them twice since. (It’s a lovely book, highly recommended).

Lemon Slice

Donal’s recipe is here:

And there’s very little to add to improve anything, except that in my extreme laziness (and need to remove steps that the boys can help with) I bunged everything into my food processor and blitzed til it was smooth.  It worked beautifully despite my lazy method and you get springy tall sponge fingers and lovely thick icing. They really taste good, in a “wow, I made this” kind of way, sweet and tangy.

I used a 20 X 30 baking tray, and I cut half of it into fingers and the other half into bitesized treats.

The boys love to see me making these, declare the bowl as “very licky” and are much too impatient to wait for them to cool enough to be iced. Definitely a keeper.

photo (79)

You could easily try a dairyfree version by subbing the butter with your preferred dairy free baking margarine.


9 thoughts on “Donal Skehan’s Lemon Slices

    1. It’s all thanks to Donal’s recipe, but I think everyone needs some quick “bung in the oven” recipes in their repertoire. I rarely complete the toppings for recipes, I’m a one step gal 😉

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